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MVA Academy



Permanent public artwork commissioned by Bristol City Council and PONY Projects. Produced by PONY Projects.

Photo credit: ©Jamie Woodley

Abbotscroft housing development


'Fire and Ice'

Permanent public artwork commissioned by South Gloucester Council and Studio Response.

Public engagement and text by Amy Spencer.

Plymouth Contemporary 2017

A dual site exhibition at Peninsula Arts and KARST

15.07.17 - 02.09.17

“The Plymouth Contemporary has rapidly become recognised as an important biennial exhibition, showcasing the latest ideas within art practice. It has been great to see the exhibition grow in size, now involving KARST and exhibiting twice as many artists. Without exception the calibre of work on show this year is amazing, with artists experimenting across all art forms and questioning what we might mean by Visions"

Dr Sarah Chapman, Director, Peninsula Arts at Plymouth University

Photo credits: Rod Gonzales.

The Rules of Exchange




The Rules of Exchange develops our interest in recording the way we work together in our collaborative practice. Taking place over four days at the Arnolfini dark space gallery, multiple installations were assembled and disassembled from imported studio materials, parts of old work, unrealised models, prototypes and discarded sculpture. These working sessions were recorded at regular intervals in film, photography, animation and by written documentation. The constructing of the work could be viewed by the public on a live feed from outside the gallery, and at certain times the space would be opened up for discussion.

Phase 3


Installation, posters, sculpture

Test Space, Spike Island

A multi media installation exploring the rapid development of urban space in the city, the visual language of gentrification, and the selling of luxury lifestyles.


Through constructing and photographing a model, based on a generic modern apartment, we have created an artificial environment. Specially designed objects and artworks inhabit the fictitious room while their life size facsimiles occupy the exhibition. These sculptures test the boundaries between what defines a contemporary sculpture and a desirable consumer object.

The Kiosk Project




Installation, postcards, souvenirs


Part of the Art Weekender Bristol & Bath 2015

An interactive installation in the form of a kiosk, acting as a base to dispense free, purpose made, souvenirs that explore the nature of place, history and the value placed in traditional heritage.


The artworks purpose is to celebrate a forgotten part of the city centre by engaging people in conversation, gathering opinions and encouraging curiosity in the site and its importance to the city’s history.

Work in progress and studio experimentation




Our intention in this work was to set ourselves a time limit of thee days for creating an installation, made up of previous work spanning several years. As there was no set rules to the making of the work we engaged in an intuitive decision making process, adapting and reacting to each others actions. installations were made quickly, documented, and then disassembled to restart the process.  

Perpetual city 


​​Installation commissioned by Spike Island for Spike Open 2013.


Video - 12 mins 12 sec. (see video tab)


Clear cast resin on lightbox plinth.

Following on from The Metropolis of Tomorrow we wanted to expand the idea of the architectural model as an independent artwork by filming our 'Democracity' sculpture and creating a multi screen video. This was housed in a wooden pyramid pavilion echoing world fair/expo architecture. The tone of this work was intentionally dark - manifested in the influence of dystopian science fiction and surveillance culture.


The Metropolis of Tomorrow

2012, mixed media, 180 cm x 180 cm


This sculpture encapsulates our interest in the architectural model as an artwork in itself. The depicted city is taken from an archive photograph of an exhibit called the Democracity in the 1939 New York World Fair. The look of the exhibit was based on Modernist designs of the time, especially Le Corbusier's utopian Radial City. Our intention was to create a simulacrum of the original image, turning a utopian dream into a nostalgic vision of the future.




2012, Giclee prints.

Four photographic images of fictional interiors created in the studio by arranging found objects into simple sets.

Phase 1

2011, Joint Show, Spike Island.


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